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Germaine Greer's Catholic education

22 February 2011 | Gregory Day

Germaine GreerIn trying to convince my atheist goddaughter to embrace her Catholic schooling, I found an unlikely role model. I'd never thought of Greer as a chip off the old block of a convent education. Now I realised that that's exactly what she was.

Why private schools need more money

07 February 2011 | Chris Middleton

A recent poll shows 70 per cent of people think the Federal Government gives too much money to private schools. Catholic schools have contributed enormously to the Australian community, and thus make a claim for some funding on the basis of the common good.

Education in a post-WikiLeaks world

15 December 2010 | Fatima Measham

Mathematics symbols in chalk on blackboardThe National Curriculum has sparked passionate debate. An enlightened society upholds that its young people are more than just future workers; they are human beings first. Unfortunately, it is easier to generate data for the knowledge and skills that we expect of future workers.

Tokenistic action against homophobic bullies

01 November 2010 | Fatima Measham

Principals and teachers can keep gay young people safe at school only to the extent that they are also safe in the wider community. While ticking boxes on ‘teacher training, resources and consultancy’ may not adequately address the source of the behaviour of homophobic bullies, such programs remain important.

Gillard's education afterthought

15 September 2010 | Neil Ormerod
The ThinkerOnly yesterday, as an afterthought, were the words 'tertiary education' added to Minister Evans' responsiblities. But a clear statement of priorities had already been sent, revealing just where the Government believes universities belong.

A vote for the Greens is a vote against Catholic education

12 August 2010 | Stephen Elder
Stephen ElderI differ with Frank Brennan in his belief that there is no harm in voting Green. The Greens' policy on funding for Catholic schools will force closures, increase fees and change the ability of Catholic schools to be genuinely Catholic. Stephen Elder, Director of Catholic Education, Melbourne

Will a real university please stand up

29 July 2010 | Neil Ormerod
Australian Catholic University FitzroyIn 2012 Australian universities will experience a radical shift in government policy, resulting in a marketplace where universities must hawk their wares in a bid to attract the best and brightest. Whether all the present universities will survive in this competitive marketplace is an open question.

Why NAPLAN boycott must happen

28 April 2010 | Fatima Measham
ABCJulia Gillard has not truly engaged with concerns from teachers, principals, academics and parents regarding the overemphasis on NAPLAN-based school comparisons. For many teachers, the professional and only ethical thing is to oppose such moves.

The trouble with school ethics classes

16 April 2010 | Neil Ormerod

The Sydney Anglican diocese is concerned that proposed ethics classes in schools might attract students away from existing scripture classes. This looks more like a matter of turf wars, of seeking to maintain numbers and so justify their continuance.

Gillard student numbers don't add up

26 February 2010 | Fatima Measham
Many teachers argue that NAPLAN test results should be used to improve the standard of education, and not a lever for market-based competition. These critics are called secretive and defensive. Perhaps this is how Rudd and Gillard want them to be seen.

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