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Say 'no' to nuclear – but not for the usual reasons

15 May 2007 | Les Coleman
Say 'no' to nuclear – but not for the usual reasonsOpponents of nuclear power in Australia most often use environmental and economic arguments. The real problem with establishing a nuclear power industry is that it is a hugely complex and dangerous technology, and Australia has a poor record in safely managing even relatively simple technologies.

The psychology of climate change denial

16 April 2007 | Paul Collins

The psychology of climate change denialThe economic tools we are using to deal with climate change are inappropriate, and the long-term consequences for local areas are largely unknown. Global warming skeptics should critique the analysis of climate change rather than just retreat into a psychology of denial.

Individuals can offset their own carbon emissions

02 April 2007 | Tim Thwaites
Individuals can offset their own carbon emissionsPollution released by high-flying jets directly into the atmosphere is up to four times as damaging as the same amount released at ground level. Increasingly people are prepared to spend significant money to salve their consciences over flying.

Upgrading ourselves towards obsolescence

02 April 2007 | James Massola
Upgrading ourselves towards obsolesenceModern consumer society is structured so that we are constantly unhappy with what we have. Advertisers make us feel dissatisfied so we keep buying new things, which is good for the economy but bad for the environment. The 'upgrade cycle' pushes us to buy the latest and greatest, whether we need them or not.

World Youth Day's ecological conversion opportunity

08 March 2007 | Stefan Gigacz
World Youth Day's ecological conversion opportunityMore than 100,000 international visitors are also expected at next year's World Youth Day event hosted by the Catholic Church in Sydney. A large number of these will arrive on flights close to 25 hours duration, putting 7-8 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere.

Populate and our environment will perish

27 February 2007 | Paul Collins
Populate and our environment will perishAustralia is not infinite; there is a limit to our productive capacity and we may well have already exceeded it. One of the unmentionable and politically incorrect questions is how many people the continent can sustain while retaining some respect for the integrity of the landscape.

Triumph of the tree huggers

27 February 2007 | Tim Thwaites
Triumph of the tree-huggersIn the past six months, climate change has gone from an idea which may have some future relevance to something which is already happening around us. Each region of the world seems to have had its own epiphany over climate change.

Water is our teacher in the school of life

27 February 2007 | Clare Coburn
Throwing money at water is not the only way to fix our current problems. Reflecting on some of the meandering and non-linear qualities of water, and seeking to emulate them, may be a starting point for more receptive and sensitive ways of being in the world.

'Polluter pays' a must for global common good

27 February 2007 | Sean McDonagh
Polluter pays a must for global common goodPresident Bush and Prime Minister Howard have used scientific uncertainty as an excuse to avoid cutting greenhouse gas emissions. This transgresses the precautionary principle that requires nations to take precautions not to harm other nations.

Climate change - it's the apocalypse, stupid

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27 February 2007 | Mark Byrne
Like many other politicians and scientists, the man who "used to be the next President of the United States" thinks that "the most serious crisis ever confronting human civilisation is this climate crisis". At the same time, in An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary about his travelling climate change slide show, Al Gore laments his failure to have shifted US government policy on the issue.

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