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The ethics of climate change solutions

31 July 2008 | Andrew Hamilton
Green Paper (cropped 50x50)The Government's Green Paper has heated debate about climate change. The debate requires a moral framework that emphasises solidarity and responsibility. We must measure our response by the needs of allhuman beings and of the world.

At odds with the 'celebrity science'

23 July 2008 | Marko Beljac
String theoryIt is easier to get a job or get on the box doing superstring theory — the elusive 'theory of everything'. Progress in the field is being conducted without reference to empirical reality, revealing a market driven form of collective irrationality.

Miracle plant's monstrous potential

14 July 2008 | Harry Nicolaides
Jatropha seedsAs Australia considers the Garnaut Report and the CSIRO predicts petrol could reach $8 a litre within a decade, the subject of biofuel has garnered increased interest. Jatropha, the so-called darling of second-generation biofuels, could cripple third world economies and ecosystems.

The truth about coal climate 'solutions'

26 June 2008 | Tony Kevin
GarnautPrepare for a lot of powerfully funded special interest lobbying against the Garnaut Report when it is issued next week, particularly from the coal industry. Those inconvenienced by change will always shout louder than the majority who stand to benefit from it.

Kangaroo cull echoes colonial shame

23 May 2008 | Tony Smith
KangarooOne of the most devastating effects of European settlement upon Aboriginal people was caused by fencing. Fences have also disrupted normal behaviour of kangaroos, which have come to be regarded as enemies by landowners.

Rational climate change response requires moral focus

10 March 2008 | Michael Kelly
Climate ChangeDisastrous consequences for the environment and humanity are a distinct possibility, if rational activity is not placed in the context of moral values.

Garnaut shows climate change bigger than politics

26 February 2008 | Charles Rue
The Garnaut ReportThe Garnaut Report underplays Australia's position as a wealthy country that can act now to safeguard its future. This month's bipartisan apology to the Stolen Generations has laid the ground for a multi-party agreement on the climate crisis.

Australia's answer to the Great Firewall of China

28 January 2008 | Kirstyn McDermott
Cyber SafetyThe Government's Clean Feed initiative will allow families to surf the Net without risk of stumbling upon adult content. But there is real concern that the definition of inappropriate content could be widened.

Flying with disability in Second Life

09 January 2008 | Margaret Cassidy
The disabled can fly in Second LifeThe online virtual world Second Life has been subject to bad press focussing on examples of narcissistic and unprincipled behaviour. But paralympian Niels Schuddeboom has found an opportunity to forget his disability and experience life as a walking avatar. From 2 May 2007.

Upgrading ourselves towards obsolescence

09 January 2008 | James Massola
Upgrading ourselves towards obsolesenceModern consumer society is structured so that we are constantly unhappy with what we have. Advertisers make us feel dissatisfied so we keep buying new things, which is good for the economy but bad for the environment. The 'upgrade cycle' pushes us to buy the latest and greatest, whether we need them or not. From 2 April 2007.

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