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Rudd's great greenwash

15 December 2008 | Tony Kevin

green paintKevin Rudd's announcement of a 5 per cent 2020 emissions reduction target is a betrayal. It appears he has put short-term political survival ahead of his responsibilities to the next generation. Where is Bonhoeffer when we need him?

Australia shamed as climate reaches turning point

05 December 2008 | Tony Kevin
Barack Obama has deflected heat off the US at the current climate change conference in Poland. But in true Howardian style, Australia, by sitting on the sidelines, is sabotaging the conference's prospects of real-time progress.

Economic troubles will not ease climate pain

17 November 2008 | Andrew Hamilton
MaldivesAs individuals, we can make a difference through symbolic actions that embolden governments to take big steps. The financial crisis and the urgent needs of threatened island nations need to be factored into a calculation that ensures burdens fall most heavily on those most able to bear them.

Paying the climate change piper

09 September 2008 | Tony Kevin
Pied Piper of HamelinIn The Pied Piper of Hamelin, a town tries to buy a cheap solution to a terrible problem, and their children pay the price. In light of Garnaut's latest, coservative climate change recommendations, it seems we may need a Class 5 tropical cyclone slamming into Brisbane to jolt us into decisive action.

Suited polluters assess climate change risk

21 August 2008 | Les Coleman
Bill McHargThis week's ABC TV Australian Story featured property magnate Bill McHarg, who walked away from his job to fight John Howard's inaction on climate change. Research suggests he is a rarity, with most white males with good education and high income downplaying the risk of climate change.

Nossal's leaky GM defence

08 August 2008 | Charles Rue
Gustav NossalDuring recent media appearances Sir Gustav Nossal has reiterated the same biotech message the pro-GM lobby has peddled for more than a decade. Anti-GM farmers encourage scientific research, but good science should not be equated with GM.

iPhone junkies fuel 'techsclusivity'

06 August 2008 | Ben O'Mara
iPhone touch screen, cropped to 50 by 50The iPhone is sexy and clever, but not everyone will benefit from this new technological drug of choice. Increased reliance on communications technology has emerged as a major issue in health promotion to multicultural Australia.

The ethics of climate change solutions

31 July 2008 | Andrew Hamilton
Green Paper (cropped 50x50)The Government's Green Paper has heated debate about climate change. The debate requires a moral framework that emphasises solidarity and responsibility. We must measure our response by the needs of allhuman beings and of the world.

At odds with the 'celebrity science'

23 July 2008 | Marko Beljac
String theoryIt is easier to get a job or get on the box doing superstring theory — the elusive 'theory of everything'. Progress in the field is being conducted without reference to empirical reality, revealing a market driven form of collective irrationality.

Miracle plant's monstrous potential

14 July 2008 | Harry Nicolaides
Jatropha seedsAs Australia considers the Garnaut Report and the CSIRO predicts petrol could reach $8 a litre within a decade, the subject of biofuel has garnered increased interest. Jatropha, the so-called darling of second-generation biofuels, could cripple third world economies and ecosystems.

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