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Time to start worrying about fish

29 October 2009 | Sarah Burnside

Australia's decision to reduce its intake of the endangered southern bluefin tuna has outraged the industry. The global fishing industry is unsustainable, and fishing is second only to climate change as the greatest environmental threat to marine ecosystems.

It takes more than hope to save the world

28 October 2009 | Francis Keaney

Hopenhagen My 'Hopenhagen citizenship' was easy to obtain, but what would it get me? Was I entitled to vote or apply for social benefits? Could I move there for the summer? It didn't take long before the penny dropped. This place was not so much a city-state as a state of mind.

Dark day for solar

28 October 2009 | Greg Foyster
This Friday, proponents of clean renewable energy will gather to try to rally government support for Solar Systems, Australia's world-leading developer of solar energy technology, which went into receivership in September. They face an uphill battle.

If Facebook died

06 October 2009 | Drew Taylor
FaceBookAustralian online and wireless games constitute a rapidly-growing, billion-dollar industry, and sites such as Facebook increasingly dominate our social networks. Have we taken the first step towards 'trusting the computer' too much?

Layman's guide to the climate debate

21 September 2009 | Bronwyn Lay
There is no opting out of the scientific debate. It has to be followed and understood by the layman because power seems to be setting up shop at its heart. The possibility of 'all being rooned' cannot be the sole motivation to live ethically on the earth.

The rise of Deaf Pride

18 September 2009 | Frank O'Shea
Those of us with normal hearing feel good if we think technology such as cochlear implants can help deaf people to hear. But Deaf people generally have little interest in 'cures'. They value their identity and see no value in becoming a different person.


One year on, Garnaut's glass half full

16 September 2009 | Tony Kevin
If anyone expected Ross Garnaut to be bitter about the Government's inadequate response to his 2008 Review, they were wrong. He is optimistic about the positive public impact of the Review and said climate change denialists are 'grasping at straws'.

Why green Catholics are not communists

04 September 2009 | Neil Ormerod
Many conservative Catholics are sceptical about global warming. For them environmentalism is the new communism. This echoes the paranoia of the '50s and '60s are clear, when anyone with an interest in social justice was suspect.

Strategies for a new era of firestorms

21 August 2009 | Paul Collins
BurnThere were many mistakes made on Black Saturday and the Interim Report of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission points them out. For now the commissioners avoid the 'bigger fire questions', but in the end these will have to be faced.

Congratulations to our winners!

11 July 2009 | Staff

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