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Layman's guide to the climate debate

21 September 2009 | Bronwyn Lay
There is no opting out of the scientific debate. It has to be followed and understood by the layman because power seems to be setting up shop at its heart. The possibility of 'all being rooned' cannot be the sole motivation to live ethically on the earth.

The rise of Deaf Pride

18 September 2009 | Frank O'Shea
Those of us with normal hearing feel good if we think technology such as cochlear implants can help deaf people to hear. But Deaf people generally have little interest in 'cures'. They value their identity and see no value in becoming a different person.


One year on, Garnaut's glass half full

16 September 2009 | Tony Kevin
If anyone expected Ross Garnaut to be bitter about the Government's inadequate response to his 2008 Review, they were wrong. He is optimistic about the positive public impact of the Review and said climate change denialists are 'grasping at straws'.

Why green Catholics are not communists

04 September 2009 | Neil Ormerod
Many conservative Catholics are sceptical about global warming. For them environmentalism is the new communism. This echoes the paranoia of the '50s and '60s are clear, when anyone with an interest in social justice was suspect.

Strategies for a new era of firestorms

21 August 2009 | Paul Collins
BurnThere were many mistakes made on Black Saturday and the Interim Report of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission points them out. For now the commissioners avoid the 'bigger fire questions', but in the end these will have to be faced.

Congratulations to our winners!

11 July 2009 | Staff

Towards an earth-friendly legal system

29 June 2009 | Peter D. Burdon
The EarthThe law does not protect the natural world from destruction, but supports its destruction. The effect of regulation is that if a company ticks the right boxes and stays within the prescribed boundaries, its activity is acceptable.

The ethical cost of gardens

16 April 2009 | Roger Trowbridge
Fitfully, our quarter-acre has been transformed in ways that make us pleased across the joys and melancholies of our lives. Now, faced with the drying of the earth, we must bring new knowledges to bear. This garden must survive. It is of our soul.

Rudd's great greenwash

08 January 2009 | Tony Kevin

green paintKevin Rudd's announcement of a 5 per cent 2020 emissions reduction target is a betrayal. He has put short-term political survival ahead of his responsibilities to the next generation. Where is Bonhoeffer when we need him? (December 2008)

Confessions of a videogame junkie

15 December 2008 | Ben O'Mara

I spent untold hours playing on my Commodore 64. I upgraded to a PC, to fight the beasties of Duke Nukem 3D as I chugged too many coffees and Mars bars. Interactivity is videogames' strength, and can be applied in socially constructive ways for marginalised communities.

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