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Judging the quality of education

19 November 2008 | Fatima Measham
ClassroomForcing schools to produce information on students' exam performance will never be a reliable strategy for lifting numeracy and literacy. Learning is as much about taking risks and failing as it is about getting the answers right the first time.

Humanity lost in digital classrooms

01 August 2008 | Frank O'Shea
LaptopToday's teacher has to survive in a world of gimmickry. Students pay better attention to ringtones than to the human voice. In the brave new world of Rudd's Digital Education Revolution, teachers risk being replaced by technicians.

'Ratbag' student activist decries Education Revolution

28 July 2008 | Susie Byers
Digital Education RevolutionThe current higher education review is hindered by a focus on 'productivity' and 'efficient investment'. Universities should be homes of knowledge whose graduates are more than just pegs to plug the holes in Australia's skills set.

Performance-based pay for teachers could kill collegiality

19 September 2007 | Chris Middleton
Performance-based pay for teachers could kill collegialityEarlier this month, a federal parliamentary committee recommended that teachers should receive higher pay, as an incentive to attract quality recruits and to improve retention. But a new policy could undermine the collective quality of school education.

Need to know basis

04 July 2006 | Robin Jeffrey
It is crucial that Australia increases its knowledge of Asia

The price of education

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13 June 2006 | Liz Curran
The imposition on students of greater burdens for repayment when they leave university is likely to cause a drought in the number of graduates who will be prepared to work for community agencies and the public service.

Values fruitful

05 June 2006 | Christopher Gleeson
Recent statements by government leaders accusing their own schools of ‘values neutral’ education demonstrate clearly how out of touch they are with teaching and learning in the nation’s classrooms.

The strength of diversity

22 May 2006 | Joanna Leonard
The move to private education is not always what parents might hope.

View from within

22 May 2006 | Tom Mann
Educator Tom Mann recalls his experiences of working with children in detention

Richer or poorer

22 May 2006 | Michael Furtado
Michael Furtado on public money and private schools.

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