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Save the world with salad

08 December 2011 | Ruby Hamad

Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating AnimalsAs a subject that inflames passion on both sides of the debate, meat eating is up there with abortion and religion. Yet animal agriculture is responsible for a quarter of all emissions. Labor's carbon price is unlikely to produce significant results while animal farmers are exempt.

Truth drowned in river system's fight for life

29 November 2011 | Charles Rue

Murray-DarlingA Riverina farmer told ABC Radio that the environment will always survive, but once communities die, they're gone. The truth is that without protecting the ecological health of the rivers, dependent communities will not survive.

Bad week for Pell and climate change deniers

06 November 2011 | Tim Stephens

Cardinal Pell

Around 97 per cent of climate scientists actively publishing in peer-reviewed literature support the thesis that human activities are causing climate change. Cardinal George Pell's position is not an informed scientific view, but is driven by politics.

Abbott faces fallout from Gillard's Big Week

16 October 2011 | Tony Kevin

Thumb up, thumb downAbbott will face a worsening dilemma. If he continues to rage about revoking the carbon tax, he will alienate industry groups that want stability above all. If he goes quiet, he will validate Labor's portrayal of him as a cynical opportunist who stands for nothing but gaining power.

The virtuous circle of Gillard's climate tax

10 July 2011 | Lin Hatfield Dodds

The Government has crafted a historic package of reforms: driving long-run reductions in carbon pollution, simplifying personal tax and making it fairer, and reducing poverty traps and barriers to work. It's exactly the kind of smart and gutsy approach we want to see from this Government. 

Gillard's carbon tax sales pitch

07 July 2011 | Fatima Measham

Julia Gillard fighting wordsThere is nothing radical about fixing a carbon price. While our politicians and pundits quibble, the rest of the world is already implementing its commitments. Gillard's greatest challenge in selling her carbon scheme is in normalising it in the public mind.

Opportunities on a crowded planet

04 July 2011 | Bruce Duncan

World squeezeUnless countries are prepared to implement draconian birth-control policies like China's, realistically there is no alternative but to prepare for a world of 9 billion people. But the increase in global population need not provoke a catastrophe.

Carbon price will cause pain

20 June 2011 | Charles Rue

Our lives will change forever as we face the creative challenge posed by the carbon tax. We will pay the real cost of producing food, and cheap and frequent overseas trips will slow. But we must not let a grasping spirit hold us from imagining an economy and lifestyle that can thrive on alternative energy.

Cate Blanchett and carbon tax plunder

30 May 2011 | Binoy Kampmark

Cate Blanchett say yes to carbon tax adActors specialise in image making, an imitation of life rather than life itself. While the carbon tax being spruiked by Cate Blanchett and other celebrities is ostensibly designed to target polluters, in truth the Gillard Government is simply finding another avenue for raising revenue.

Cardinal Pell's climate hot air

19 May 2011 | Tim Stephens

Hot air balloonsThe difficulty is not his privately-held heterodox views on climate change, but that Australia's most senior Catholic clergyman vigorously advances a position that could be interpreted as a statement of the official stance of the Catholic Church in Australia. 

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