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Climate view from a nation doomed to drown

13 December 2012 | Paul Collins

Caroline Atoll (Kiribati), channel between west side of Long Island and Nake Island (in background)Kiribati, situated in the central Pacific Ocean and home to 101,998 people — more than half of them Catholic — will be the first country to be drowned by global warming. While we wring our hands and climate sceptics pretend there is no problem, on Kiribati people are already in the midst of a climate change disaster. 

Practical solutions to climate despair

12 December 2012 | Lyn Bender

Doha climate conference logoThe Doha climate talks have come and gone, and it is all business as usual. Actually, it is full steam ahead with coal, despite dire warnings from the World Bank that if we don't turn down the heat we face clear threats to our great god, The Economy. While denial and despair are tempting options at this point, there are healthier ways to respond.

Communities cooperating to kick coal

21 May 2012 | Colin Long

Brown coalMick spent years working for the State Electricity Commission until privatisation saw him made reduntant, prompting years of forced idleness, low self-esteem, financial troubles and family stress. The experience has made him sceptical of politicians coming down to talk about opportunities from the transition to a low carbon economy.

Warm bums and nuclear activism in Tokyo

10 May 2012 | Ellena Savage

Saving power campaign in JapanI took the train into central Tokyo, my bum warmed by the heated seats. Each time we stopped, the train's engine shut down briefly, and the bum heater switch off for a few seconds. Over the loudspeaker I heard 'Setsuden chu', the catchphrase meaning 'We're currently using less electricity', which is posted all around the city.

Witnessing Washi's wrath and aftermath

18 December 2011 | Fatima Measham

Tropical storm WashiAs we drove downtown, we saw people huddling on street corners, covered in mud and looking for shelter. Water shortages and power cuts further disrupted this city of half a million. Mortuaries could not even wash the mud off dead children so they could be quickly identified by parents.

The truth about China the climate scapegoat

13 December 2011 | Sean McDonagh

Durban climate conferenceCountries including the US, Russia and Japan refuse to sign any binding treaty to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions unless China does the same. Their simplistic argument that China is now the number one emitter in the world overlooks important data.

Save the world with salad

08 December 2011 | Ruby Hamad

Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating AnimalsAs a subject that inflames passion on both sides of the debate, meat eating is up there with abortion and religion. Yet animal agriculture is responsible for a quarter of all emissions. Labor's carbon price is unlikely to produce significant results while animal farmers are exempt.

Truth drowned in river system's fight for life

29 November 2011 | Charles Rue

Murray-DarlingA Riverina farmer told ABC Radio that the environment will always survive, but once communities die, they're gone. The truth is that without protecting the ecological health of the rivers, dependent communities will not survive.

Bad week for Pell and climate change deniers

06 November 2011 | Tim Stephens

Cardinal Pell

Around 97 per cent of climate scientists actively publishing in peer-reviewed literature support the thesis that human activities are causing climate change. Cardinal George Pell's position is not an informed scientific view, but is driven by politics.

Abbott faces fallout from Gillard's Big Week

16 October 2011 | Tony Kevin

Thumb up, thumb downAbbott will face a worsening dilemma. If he continues to rage about revoking the carbon tax, he will alienate industry groups that want stability above all. If he goes quiet, he will validate Labor's portrayal of him as a cynical opportunist who stands for nothing but gaining power.

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