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Best of 2012: Gonski's reductionist view of education

06 January 2013 | Chris Middleton

LearningThe report's argument that a base level of funding be established might lead to a lowest common denominator approach to determining what is an 'efficient' education, in both the state and private systems. Creativity, diversity and experimentation may be hindered in such a regime. Friday 24 February 

Gillard's education pipedream

19 December 2012 | Dean Ashenden

Maths problem scribbled on paperIn setting a target of Australia reaching the OECD's top five school systems by 2025 the Prime Minister has made a rod for her own back. It is difficult to see our present way of organising, funding and governing schooling getting us anywhere near that target. But what kind of system might?

Skating solutions to boys' education

23 September 2012 | Tony Thompson

Skateboarder silhouetted against skyMy son goes to a friendly primary school and is making progress. But his handwriting is poor, he hates sitting for long periods, and doesn't understand why the girls are 'better at everything'. He likes sport and art, which involve 'doing stuff'. Schools have been battling with adolescent boys for centuries. Maybe it's time to give some ground.

Rhetoric rules in Gillard Gonski announcement

11 September 2012 | Chris Middleton

Missing the markThe Prime Minister's credibility in announcing an education policy response before reaching agreement with the states may be questioned. Without the states, the implementation of Gonski is impossible. This was illustrated graphically by the NSW Government's announcement of funding cuts to Catholic and independent schools.

Holistic cures for school snobbery

30 August 2012 | Ellena Savage

No snobsOnce, my mother reprimanded a young student whom she taught at an expensive private school. The boy replied that his dad could 'buy and sell' her. As easy as it would be to conclude that private schools breed poor behaviour, rude children are just that — class has little to do with it.

Villains of Australian education funding

23 August 2012 | Dean Ashenden

David GonskiTeacher organisations have advocated for one sector rather than opposing the whole flawed structure. Catholic bishops have insisted on public subsidies for avowedly exclusive schools. Governments have adopted policies which have entrenched a socially counter-productive organisation of a major public institution. How many more generations has this scheme of things got left to run?

Battle for the 21st century classroom

11 July 2012 | Dean Ashenden

The classroom — one teacher, one group of students, usually of the same age, one rectangular space, door closed — is the great survivor of schooling. It has been depicted as a contest between 'teacher-centred' and 'student-centred' pedagogies. But in the age of technology there is a new contender for dominance in the classroom.

50 years since Australia's 'most poisonous debate'

08 July 2012 | John Warhurst

Labor speechwriter Graham Freudenberg observed that ‘the oldest, deepest, most poisonous debate in Australia has been about government aid to church schools’. The most dramatic episode in the history of church state relations in Australia was the Goulburn schools strike, which took place 50 years ago this month.

Teachers are wrong about performance pay

13 June 2012 | Andrew Hamilton

Performance pay for teachers The Victorian Government plans to introduce performance pay for teachers. The teachers' union has objected on the grounds that teachers are special. Its argument is faulty. Performance pay is not wrong for teachers because they are special, but because it is wrong for everybody.

Teaching students to fend for themselves

23 May 2012 | Dilan Thampapillai

Rose Ashton-WeirThe lawsuit launched by a student against her former high school for failing to get her into her preferred university reveals how far we have drifted from notions of student responsibility. Teachers do need to be supportive, but they are not the single most important determinant in student outcomes.

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