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ChatterSquare S01E02: Hansonism, fear and fantasy

20 February 2017 | Podcast

Chattersquare logoIs there an upside to Hansonism? In this episode, we try to figure out what One Nation actually has to offer. We also talk about fear and how some Americans are dealing with the Trump era by turning to fantasy literature. Is this just escapism?

ChatterSquare S01E01: Foreign policy and opposition on both sides of the Pacific

05 February 2017 | Podcast

Chattersquare logoIn the pilot episode of ChatterSquare, we talk about that phone call between the US president and Australian Prime Minister, and how it foreshadows foreign policy. We also try to work out what it means to be in opposition on both sides of the Pacific under current conditions. Hosted by Fatima Measham and Jim McDermott.

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