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Cultural appropriation a year after Shriver furore

11 September 2017 | Yen-Rong Wong

Lionel ShriverA little over a year ago, Lionel Shriver delivered the opening address at the Brisbane Writers Festival, deriding political correctness and defending the practice of cultural appropriation by white writers. This year's festival didn't attract real controversy, but the memory of last year still lingered, and it's clear that parts of that mentality live on.

Jesuit Communications 2017 Christmas Raffle Terms and Conditions

11 September 2017 | Staff



Don't jumble your words: Elegy for Peter Gebhardt

10 September 2017 | Dougal Hurley and Peter Gebhardt

Peter GebhardtBelief brings solitary repose, no more mimicking gallant pens, poaching pips from wiser minds. Know the moment, listen and find the ephemeral and the luminous born and nurtured in reciprocity.

Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy

10 September 2017 | Frank Brennan

John Ferguson and Frank Brennan (back)
Susan Pascoe, Bishop Vincent Long, Elsie Heiss (front)The real call of Everyone's Business is to move beyond them and us to admitting that there is only us. If we are truly to build an inclusive and sustainable economy, it can't be just those in full time paid employment who are part of that economy. We take seriously the principles of neo-liberalism, letting the market decide. But we set limits on the market for the common good.

Church democracy and the 2020 Plenary Council

10 September 2017 | John Warhurst

Raised handsThere is a lot of big talk by Australian Catholic church leaders about the forthcoming 2020 Plenary Council, but remarkable vagueness about its likely shape. Now that the first of the consultation sessions about the council has occurred in Sydney, resolving the nature of the event becomes a matter of some urgency. Otherwise the council runs the risk of eventually becoming a huge disappointment.

The cost of living in the kingdom of fear

07 September 2017 | Justin Glyn

Chris Johnston cartoonFranklin Delano Roosevelt famously said that 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.' From the roots of ISIS to Russiagate to North Korea to border control in Australia, current trends both international and at home bear this out.

The government should stop marrying people

06 September 2017 | Rachel Woodlock

Gay weddingThe state doesn't have an opinion on whether God approves of the union because theocracy went out of fashion in the West, along with the Divine Right of Kings. These days in Australia, the state doesn't even care to enforce sexual exclusivity of partners, although once upon a time that was a major element of marital law. Divorce is all about distribution of assets and establishing proper care of the kids. So why the brouhaha over marriage for gay people?

Child protection, compliance and conversion

06 September 2017 | John Honner

Woman and childIn the Christian gospels the child is the exemplar, par excellence, of what God's world is meant to look like. In social policy, on the other hand, the child tends to be portrayed as a powerless innocent. In recent years, the Catholic Church has failed the standards of both gospel and society: on the one hand by discounting the importance of children and not listening to children, and on the other hand by not having appropriate practices and policies to ensure the safety of children.

A Romantic view of 'darkling' modern world

06 September 2017 | Brian Matthews

Matthew ArnoldBorn a few months after Shelley drowned and desperate to understand the living Nature the Romantics had known, Matthew Arnold too found the natural world had gone silent. Where Wordsworth had heard 'strange utterance [in] the loud dry wind' and 'the sky seemed not a sky / Of earth - and with what motion moved the clouds', Arnold sadly concluded that 'the world, which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams, so various, so beautiful, so new, hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light ...'

Magpies must listen to Lumumba and respond

05 September 2017 | Tim Kroenert

Heritier LumumbaInspired by the exploits of Aboriginal AFL stars, the young Lumumba quickly recognised football as an arena in which a black man could flourish. This fact makes his treatment at the Collingwood Football Club years later all the more galling. The club so far has failed to Lumumba's comments in any meaningful way. He deserves better, and so do we.

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