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Black is the new black

07 October 2014 | Isabella Fels

Michelle Pfeiffer in CatwomanI love to get dressed up in black. Glide along the street dressed top to bottom in black. I often feel like a perfect ten wearing black. It covers up all my bad features. People seem to gravitate towards me. It is as though we have something powerful in common. I feel people won’t talk badly about me behind my back dressed in black.

Keeping company with misery

07 October 2014 | Kristy Chambers

'It's Not You, Geography, It's Me' cover imageI attempted to manage my mental health with good intentions, stern self-talk, guilt and cigarettes. Finally, exasperated and desperate, I started taking an anti-depressant medication, and when it actually worked, I was stunned to feel happy. But like any new relationship, the honeymoon period is brilliant... and temporary.

The asphalt ribbon hauling us home

06 October 2014 | Angela O'Rourke and Will Day

Calder HighwayCresting the hill our breath suspends in unison. We are laughing, eye-spying. You, the one not driving, spy it first: a Jeff Koons puppy, backlit, riding a wave.

Using the Uber app in the city of brothers

29 September 2014 | Tess Ashton

Uber AppOur Uber appeared, a black Chevvy sculpture, a mere click of the fingers, from there to here, Denzel Washington, quipped hubby later was the driver, tall as a Pennsylvania night and lustrous as a god.

Concern for Jennifer Aniston

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22 September 2014 | Various

Jennifer AnistonBuying coffee. Newspaper reads 'Jennifer Aniston is reportedly spending $20,000 a month on beauty treatments'. Next, the Herald covers her age, her profession and her interests. The girl in front of me cradles her latte as she nudges and tugs a carbon-fibre-framed stroller and purrs with concern for Jennifer.

Shrugging off the robots

15 September 2014 | Michael McVeigh

Man handing flower to a womanWe created the robots to make our lives easier. Before we knew what was happening the robots had transformed our world. Each day people go about their business, feeling unhappy but unable to name the source of that dissatisfaction. 

A Woman from the Provinces

15 September 2014 | Xiao Xiao

Illustration of Chinese woman on a roadThe woman from the provinces must have disturbed someone. Listen: the noise from below the Square. Countless faces aslant, breathing heavily. Rusting in the shell of broken words.

Encounter at the gate

11 September 2014 | Brian Matthews

Australian cemeteryI'm standing at the front gate, about to go for a run when he swings round the corner. He speaks in a deep, modulated voice that seems to run on like a quiet stream. Just when you think you might answer, the flow smoothly resumes, and he is an adept prince of the non sequitur. 'Ever take a short cut through the cemetery?'

A word with dad

09 September 2014 | Brian Doyle

Father and son sitting on the grassSomehow, even with all those children, and with the usual brawl and bawl among his sons, and what surely must have been many a snide remark from his daughter, our dad never lost his temper, or even, that we remember, his equanimity. Just as amazing, he never seemed to miss a crime or misdemeanour, but somehow knew of it instantly.

Winter faces falter

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08 September 2014 | Lyn McCredden

Dancer in midairYou moved lightly with your dancer's step and your gentle, gracious hands that knew Mozart and Bach, soil under your nails, old-fashioned hymns, and a child's rounded head. Your heart was woven with the words of Shakespeare and Donne and Eliot, words you gave away to so many hungry to hear.

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