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Women pioneers of Aboriginal Catholicism

15 July 2013 | Mike Bowden

Aboriginal style dot painting in the shape of a crossThe Church has taken some enormous steps towards making its ceremonial life more meaningful to Indigenous members. Frequently it has been women who have pioneered this work. But today many of these women in Central Australia, Arrernte and non-Arrernte alike, are ageing or becoming tired and jaded from lack of recognition.

Why I still love the Catholic Church

14 July 2013 | Frank Brennan

Sean Faircloth, a US director of one of the Dawkins Institutes committed to atheism, raised what has already become a hoary old chestnut, the failure of Francis when in Argentina during the Dirty Wars to adequately defend his fellow Jesuits who were detained and tortured by unscrupulous soldiers. Being a Jesuit, I thought I was peculiarly well situated to respond. I confess to having got a little carried away.

Pope's lessons in boldness for Australian politicians

10 July 2013 | Andrew Hamilton

Man with padlock in lipsOne of the intriguing features of Pope Francis is the contrast between his earthy and free way with words and the laboured earnestness of those exploring his words for hidden meanings. It is like watching Martians deploy a bomb disposal unit to deal with the football a kid has kicked into their spaceship. The incongruity is humorous but it also points to a sclerosis in public conversations.

Continuity in a changing church

09 July 2013 | Andrew Hamilton

Statue of Pope John Paul II framed against blue skyIn the tension between tradition and change, John Paul II is seen as an emblem of continuity, and Pope John XXIII as a symbol for radical change. In the decision to canonise both former popes, Francis has refocused continuity as a way of honouring different perspectives in the name of a greater common mission.

Another round of Ramadan lunar-cy

08 July 2013 | Irfan Yusuf

Plates of fried food at iftar feastRamadan is supposed to fine tune your soul, weaken the ties binding you to your physical appetites and test your religiosity. This month unites Muslims around the globe in an envelope of piety and mercy. At least that's the theory. In reality, for most of us Muslims Ramadan is the month of massive weight gain.

Politics of remembering

26 June 2013 | Andrew Hamilton

Red flower with mountains in backgroundWhen Polish Jews were herded into the closed Warsaw Ghetto, Chaim Kaplan kept a diary to ensure that 'in our scroll of agony, not one small detail can be omitted'. This kind of remembering is both deeply personal and profoundly public, and invites us to celebrate human freedom. The remembering involved in the collection of information by the United States and Great Britain is of a quite different character.

Australia's morality drifts with asylum seeker bodies

16 June 2013 | Andrew Hamilton

Man, woman and child refugees. Image from Refugee Week websiteSometimes events take on a significance beyond their historical context. That was the case with Gallipoli and the Eureka Stockade. It may also prove to be the case with the bodies left in the water after an asylum seeker boat sank, and the delay by the Australian authorities to take responsibility for their recovery.

Good and evil faces of child labour

12 June 2013 | Andrew Hamilton

Paper cutouts of boy and girl. Artwork from World Day Against Child LabourI met a young woman who had been sold as a domestic servant when she was five, and later on-sold for sex work in Bangkok, Malaysia and Australia. I also met a girl in a village of El Salvador: for generations her family had lived by making rope from cactus fibre. Her work contributed substantially to the family income and made her a valued member of her society.

Imagine being Christian in a rational world

05 June 2013 | Andrew Hamilton

Image of the world from spaceThe Christian imagination is marked by internal tension and by tension with prevailing forms of rationality. These tensions are often dealt with by harmonising. The challenge facing those who arrive at these harmonising versions of their faith is to find sufficient sustenance for the imagination to allow them to happily stake their life on it.

Corpus Christi homily

02 June 2013 | Frank Brennan

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