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Time to plan for migration forced by climate change

13 June 2007 | David Corlett
Climate change-forced migrationEven the skeptics are accepting that climate change is with us. Yet the impact of climate change on the movement of people around the world – usually the poorest – is almost entirely absent from public debate.

Grieving at Amazon.com

18 May 2007 | Daniel Donahoo

Grieving at Amazon.comWe can only imagine the shelves of an online bookshop to be dustless. But this does not preclude the very real presence of the spirit of a close relative who died two decades before the Internet took hold.

Science journalism battles stereotypes

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18 May 2007 | Tim Thwaites
Science journalism battles stereotypesScience coverage in the media is dominated by boffins and nerds in lab coats . It loses out to “real” stories of politics and economics in the serious broadsheets, magazines and current affairs programs, and to crime and celebrities in the tabloids and to infotainment on TV.

The Church's mission to expose climate change sceptics

18 May 2007 | Charles Rue

The Church's mission to expose climate change scepticsIt came to light at the Vatican's recent Climate Change Seminar that powerful and vested interests are confusing farmers in developing countries. They are saying that technology will solve their agricultural problems, and that the increase in atmospheric CO2 is good and willed by God.

Clever Kiwis

18 May 2007 | Tim Thwaites

The Kiwis have managed to stamp their name all over a fruit that is not even native to their land.

Flying with disability in Second Life

15 May 2007 | Margaret Cassidy
The disabled can fly in Second LifeThe online virtual world Second Life has been subject to bad press focussing on examples of narcissistic and unprincipled behaviour. But paralympian Niels Schuddeboom has found an opportunity to forget his disability and experience life as a walking avatar.

Say 'no' to nuclear – but not for the usual reasons

15 May 2007 | Les Coleman
Say 'no' to nuclear – but not for the usual reasonsOpponents of nuclear power in Australia most often use environmental and economic arguments. The real problem with establishing a nuclear power industry is that it is a hugely complex and dangerous technology, and Australia has a poor record in safely managing even relatively simple technologies.

The psychology of climate change denial

16 April 2007 | Paul Collins

The psychology of climate change denialThe economic tools we are using to deal with climate change are inappropriate, and the long-term consequences for local areas are largely unknown. Global warming skeptics should critique the analysis of climate change rather than just retreat into a psychology of denial.

Individuals can offset their own carbon emissions

02 April 2007 | Tim Thwaites
Individuals can offset their own carbon emissionsPollution released by high-flying jets directly into the atmosphere is up to four times as damaging as the same amount released at ground level. Increasingly people are prepared to spend significant money to salve their consciences over flying.

Upgrading ourselves towards obsolescence

02 April 2007 | James Massola
Upgrading ourselves towards obsolesenceModern consumer society is structured so that we are constantly unhappy with what we have. Advertisers make us feel dissatisfied so we keep buying new things, which is good for the economy but bad for the environment. The 'upgrade cycle' pushes us to buy the latest and greatest, whether we need them or not.

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