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Online social networking beyond the grave

12 June 2006 | Margaret Cassidy
The presence of the deceased is palpable in the obituary postings at In addition to declarations of love, many speak of knowing that the deceased has “gone to a better place”.

Peace correspondents: The new reporters

05 June 2006 | Jan Forrester
Conventional journalism portrays war as a zero sum game, a series of violent exchanges between contending parties. ‘War reporting’ requires clear winners and losers, and the media interprets the events contributing to conflict accordingly.

Digital Radio set for 2009 stillbirth?

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18 May 2006 | Michael Mullins

Last month, Communications Minister Helen Coonan put industry interests ahead of those of listeners when she announced a comparatively distant launch date for digital radio, and said it is highly likely current analogue services will never be switched off.

Little boy lost

11 May 2006 | Kerrie O’Brien
Kerrie O’Brien revisits the Jaidyn Leskie case

Tales of life, not death

30 April 2006 | Nigel Starck
Obituaries provide a window on the lives of those great and small

The doyen of dissent

25 April 2006 | Robert Hefner
Robert Hefner meets the outspoken editor of Harper’s Magazine, Lewis H. Lapham.

Dumbing down the news

25 April 2006 | Ben Fraser
Ben Fraser laments the demise of genuine news and current affairs.

First lady of the airwaves

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25 April 2006 | Bridget Griffen-Foley
Known as the Queen of Radio and the Baroness of Broadcasting, Australia’s audacious first woman talkback presenter preferred to be known simply as Andrea

The silent summer

21 April 2006 | Alison Aprhys

Alison Aprhys on the role of a free press in a democratic society.


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