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Economic logic will protect Fairfax quality

01 September 2008 | Chris McGillion
FairfaxMarket realities demand corporate managers do not trash the 'brand'. The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Financial Review are respected brands because they contain quality reporters and commentators.

Henson nudes not 'revolting', but demand reflection

02 June 2008 | Andrew Hamilton
HensonThe controversy surrounding art photographer Bill Henson's images of nude pubescent children reveals how strongly in our culture runs anxiety about child abuse. As a media event his art has been confused with the commercial exploitation of children.

Al-Jazeera suffers both US and Arab hostility

13 December 2007 | Michael Mehr
Al JazeeraAt al-Jazeera's Doha newsroom, employees are reminded that the channel must show 'the opinion and the opposite opinion'. Arab governments are not amused, and many have closed its bases in their territories. Yet Foxtel and other major providers in Australia and the US still decline to carry al-Jazeera.

The fatality equation: death in Minnesota, death in Iraq

05 September 2007 | Kylie Baxter and Rebecca Barlow
The fatality equation: death in Minnesota, death in IraqLast month, 13 people died in the Mississippi River collapse. On the same day in Iraq, a suicide bomber killed 14 when he drove an explosive laden car into a line of police. Media coverage suggests a disproportionate amount of Australian grief was directed towards the US victims.

Spreading the word

18 May 2007 | Tony Malkovic
Tony Malkovic investigates an Australian Christian broadcasting service into the Asia-Pacific

Alan Jones and the power of one

16 April 2007 | Morag Fraser
Alan JonesJones' reflexes on air are assertive and territorial. A 'power of one' he may be, but he also makes a powerful appeal to the tribal in all of us. When we retreat into the tribe we lose the chance to experience of the kindness of strangers.

New media's role in US mid-term sensation

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13 November 2006 | Margaret Cassidy

New media's role in US Mid-term sensationNew media extended the life and added an additional dimension to the continued use of a range of old media, in the lead up to this month’s mid-term congressional elections in the United States.

Google pays the price to capture online video zeitgeist

30 October 2006 | James Massola
Google pays the price to capture online video zeiggeistThe battle for the living rooms of 21st century consumers has begun, and all the big players know it. Google, with its stockpile of $A13.5 billion, has gambled on YouTube delivering market supremacy in the online video arena.

A generation of online material girls

30 October 2006 | Margaret Cassidy
A generation of online material girlsMembers of the Zebo online community are encouraged to blog with a commercial focus, to keep a shopping journal of shopping experiences and tips.

Lonelygirl15 exposes the Net's illogical sense of community

18 September 2006 | Marisa Pintado

The outing of popular YouTube personality, Lonelygirl15, as an unemployed Kiwi, has prompted many to ask the obvious question—why are we still so trusting of what we find on the internet?

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