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Hope for deforestation breakthrough

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12 December 2007 | Sean McDonagh
DeforestationIt seemed a last minute reprieve for tropical forests could emerge at the UN climate change meeting in Bali. Because 20% of greenhouse emissions are due to forest destruction, stablising greenhouse gas emissions requires reduction in the rate of deforestation.

Tim Flannery's total solution to global warming

14 November 2007 | Luke Fraser
Tim FlanneryWe have Dr Tim Flannery and others to thank for alerting us to the reality of the changing climate. But the hardline strategies he advocates have too many sad and chilling precedents.

Unchecked consumption will waste the planet

31 October 2007 | Val Yule
EarthSo many of the goods you see in shop windows will soon be waste, mostly landfill. Cutting waste is the fastest way to reduce carbon emissions and cope with other crises of climate change.

Don't shoot science messengers, they're an endangered species

03 October 2007 | Robyn Williams
Robyn WilliamsFew want to dedicate their professional lives to communicating the often bad news that comes from science researchers. Williams, Swan, Dr Karl, Flannery and Winston represent a fading generation. The real future should belong to fresh voices. Where are they?

Tasmania like Soviet Siberia

05 September 2007 | Mario Rimini
Tasmania like Soviet SiberiaA drive around Tasmania is breathtaking. And heartbreaking. 'Managed by Forestry Tasmania'. Managed. Tricky word. Like Siberia, where the land was 'managed' by two all-powerful hydro and forestry leviathans.

Warmer seas will stress coral

05 September 2007 | Michele Gierck

Warmer seas will stress coralClimate change disrupts the symbiotic relationship that sustains coral. Short-term stress allows recovery. But if it is sustained, coral dies.

'Don't be evil' a struggle for Google

05 September 2007 | James Massola
Google - too good to be trueChannel 7's purchase of AFL players' medical records has highlighted privacy concerns. Most users of Google are not aware of the extent to which it compromises their privacy.

Governments duped over GM food crops

22 August 2007 | Charles Rue

Governments duped over GM food cropsAustralian governments have been caught up in a religious type rapture over biotech industry promises. They are seemingly unaware of their economic strategies, which provide for big long-term profits through monopoly control of the food industry.

Apple's iPhone illustrates 'feature creep' scourge

11 July 2007 | James Massola
Apple's iPhone illustrates 'feature creep' scourgeNew features, whether we need them or not, have become the hook used to capture new customers. The past fortnight's scramble for the iPhone in the US has shown that consumers are only too willing to pay for features they will probably never need.

Emissions Task Group squibbed its challenge

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27 June 2007 | Les Coleman
Emissions Task Group squibbed its challengeLast week the Prime Minister’s Task Group on Emissions Trading released its report. Given that even Malcom Turnbull has described climate change as “the great economic challenge of our times”, the Report’s 200-plus pages are decidedly thin on substance.

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