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Upgrading ourselves towards obsolescence

09 January 2008 | James Massola
Upgrading ourselves towards obsolesenceModern consumer society is structured so that we are constantly unhappy with what we have. Advertisers make us feel dissatisfied so we keep buying new things, which is good for the economy but bad for the environment. The 'upgrade cycle' pushes us to buy the latest and greatest, whether we need them or not. From 2 April 2007.

Greenhouse mafia's scorching approach to climate change

09 January 2008 | John Button
Scorcher: The dirty politics of climate changeNo wonder people hope for arguments which suggest climate change will go away. The discussion about climate change has become increasingly feverish, polemical and downright dishonest. From 13 June 2007.

Bangladesh climate under the weather

13 December 2007 | Ben Fraser
BangladeshBangladesh is perhaps the most disaster prone country on earth, with seasonal monsoons and cyclones among its most destructive phenomena. The cyclical nature of these disasters has led the Bangladesh government to pursue a more holistic approach to disaster management.

Live Earth goes with the consumer flow

12 December 2007 | Tim Kroenert
Kevin07Live Earth had united popular musicians around the world for a series of concerts highlighting climate change. In an oblivious act of irony they had contributed, on several levels, to the very problem they were trying to confront.

Hope for deforestation breakthrough

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12 December 2007 | Sean McDonagh
DeforestationIt seemed a last minute reprieve for tropical forests could emerge at the UN climate change meeting in Bali. Because 20% of greenhouse emissions are due to forest destruction, stablising greenhouse gas emissions requires reduction in the rate of deforestation.

Tim Flannery's total solution to global warming

14 November 2007 | Luke Fraser
Tim FlanneryWe have Dr Tim Flannery and others to thank for alerting us to the reality of the changing climate. But the hardline strategies he advocates have too many sad and chilling precedents.

Unchecked consumption will waste the planet

31 October 2007 | Val Yule
EarthSo many of the goods you see in shop windows will soon be waste, mostly landfill. Cutting waste is the fastest way to reduce carbon emissions and cope with other crises of climate change.

Don't shoot science messengers, they're an endangered species

03 October 2007 | Robyn Williams
Robyn WilliamsFew want to dedicate their professional lives to communicating the often bad news that comes from science researchers. Williams, Swan, Dr Karl, Flannery and Winston represent a fading generation. The real future should belong to fresh voices. Where are they?

Tasmania like Soviet Siberia

05 September 2007 | Mario Rimini
Tasmania like Soviet SiberiaA drive around Tasmania is breathtaking. And heartbreaking. 'Managed by Forestry Tasmania'. Managed. Tricky word. Like Siberia, where the land was 'managed' by two all-powerful hydro and forestry leviathans.

Warmer seas will stress coral

05 September 2007 | Michele Gierck

Warmer seas will stress coralClimate change disrupts the symbiotic relationship that sustains coral. Short-term stress allows recovery. But if it is sustained, coral dies.

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