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Alice's addiction in Cyberland

27 July 2009 | Adam McKenna
Second LifeAs we continue to become tools of our tools, we risk mistaking online social networking for social capital. Social networking is widespread because humans are social animals, and technology has changed the way we live, interact and seek to interact.

Sri Lanka's war of propaganda

26 May 2009 | Paul Farrell

Tamil Tigers flagThe Sri Lankan Government has been accused of endangering and killing civilians. The Tamil Tigers have been accused of using civilians as human shields. While the fog of war may be dissipating, media on the ground continue to be stifled.

St Mary's a metaphor for blogger power

22 May 2009 | John Cokley
Bloggers are being hunted and jailed in countries such as Burma and Iran. In Western nations they are incurring the wrath of disgruntled mainstream journalists. The plight of St Mary's South Brisbane holds a useful metaphor for this crusade on free speech.

Why kids need their own ABC TV channel

08 May 2009 | Damien Spry

bananas in pyjamasQuality television for children is widely regarded as a good idea. But not all children's TV has their best interests at heart. The ABC3 kids channel, which could receive funding in next week's Federal Budget, is an important step, but may not address all concerns.

Afghanistan's media explosion

20 March 2009 | Jan Forrester

Zang e Khatar, Tolo TVTolo TV is the most popular network in Afghanistan. A young population enjoys its Indian soap operas, racy by conservative Afghan mores. The Government tried to censor Tolo and another leading network. The latter bowed to pressure. Tolo refused.

Religion lives on in the ABC's shallow pool

06 March 2009 | Peter Kirkwood
CompassThis week Compass celebrates its 21st birthday. In the fickle, faddish world of television that's quite an achievement. It's ironic that serious coverage of religion is being celebrated on ABC TV, while being purged from radio.

The true history of religion on Radio National

25 February 2009 | Paul Collins

ABC squiggleThe public response to the axing of The Religion Report and other specialist programs late last year by ABC Radio National management was astonishing. But the response of the ABC was abysmal. It is time to tell the whole story.

The language of fire

24 February 2009 | Philip Harvey
Melbourne had the strange experience of reading and listening to bushfire reports for five days while neither seeing nor smelling smoke. When the mind has no sensory leads to interpret, words become critical.

Ethics of a hoax

28 January 2009 | Andrew Hamilton
QuadrantOn first reading how Quadrant was deceived into publishing a spurious article, I laughed. My laughter, however, turned into sympathy, and even to apprehension. I recognised how vulnerable Eureka Street could be to such a high class sting.

Henson nudes not 'revolting', but demand reflection

15 January 2009 | Andrew Hamilton
HensonThe controversy surrounding art photographer Bill Henson's images of nude pubescent children reveals how strongly in our culture runs anxiety about child abuse. As a media event his art has been confused with the commercial exploitation of children. (June 2008)

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