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Greeks suffer as leaders quarrel

22 June 2015 | Gillian Bouras

Greek PM's address at Russian forumMy youngest son, who lives in central Athens, is on the phone. ‘What do you think I should do with my money?’ he asks. The New York Times likens Europe and Greece to two prize-fighters, but I suspect that this is a male take on the matter. The women on the scene, Chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF chief Christine Lagarde, are more or less playing the part of the firm mother to naughty, quarrelling boys.  

The enigma of the island

22 June 2015 | Ian C Smith

Wind swept islandOur salt-blasted car rental veteran guzzled fuel, gearbox a disaster gasping past wallaby roadkill leaving the dramatic volcanic mountainscape for glimpses of carved bays, Crusoe beaches contrasting with weathered scrub, still farms.

There's hope for mediocre women

18 June 2015 | Ellena Savage

Corporate womanI have a friend who tells me she loves seeing what she terms 'mediocre women' at the top of their fields, especially in public, because it shows that feminism is working. Some women have made a success of themselves as men have always done, through acquiring privilege and seizing opportunities with a sense of entitlement, rather than by the myths of brilliance and sacrifice. I like this perspective. 

A rant about America's weapons fired economy

16 June 2015 | Brian Doyle

Bullets manufactured at Lake City Ammunition PlantHere's a story. A man who was a soldier in the American army in Iraq tells it to me. A friend of his, one of his best and closest friends, was nearly pierced through by a bullet fired by a sniper. American surgeons removed the bullet and discovered it was a 5.56mm cartridge manufactured in Lake City, Missouri. For profit.

In the uncomfortably quiet streets

15 June 2015 | John Falzon

Opening scene from Blue VelvetStreets like the streets in Blue Velvet or Land of the Giants. I think I may have been the only poet.

Smells like baked scones

01 June 2015 | Wendy Fleming

Baked sconesI will sit the pot on my desk filled with red geraniums, variegated blue and pink wallflowers I’ll let it breathe devotion, your heart work, imprint your words of love.

Painful memories of my schooldays

26 May 2015 | Isabella Fels

Sweet Dreams booksIt was a place of torture, with great physical and mental pain. I remember being hit at with a hockey stick. I was forced to stoop, in all sorts of ways. All my efforts came to nothing, even when I gave the girls money to buy lollies, and lent them my Sweet Dreams teenage romance novels.

Submarine Catholic

25 May 2015 | Various

SubmarineFifty years ago well after my baptism my first holy communion & my confirmation I would have likely said – practising Catholic. Most friday nights back then I’d find myself with Father kneeling before him on the carpeted step of the confessional box my little red face pressed upwards to the grille.

Speak of the Devil no longer

19 May 2015 | Gillian Bouras

The Death of God debate raged on and off several decades ago. Now it's the Devil's turn. Medieval clerics believed he was everywhere. Earlier this year the General Synod of the Church of England decided it was time for him to retire, and have 'disappeared' him. 

Our working TV taken to the tip

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18 May 2015 | Saxby Pridmore

Old TVOld, heavy as a mountain, though still going. But too bulky, and it didn't fit the space left by the new skirting. With betrayal in my heart we trolleyed It to the car.

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