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Celebrating the carbon tax

28 February 2011 | Tony Kevin

Living Greener

At last, an Australian government has presented for public consideration an intelligently conceived framework for a national carbon emissions plan. Has Gillard broken her pre-election 'no carbon tax' promise? Does it matter?

Assange receives Hicks treatment

14 February 2011 | Tony Kevin

David HicksRudd's cold rebuttal of Assange's mother's appeal to him is most unworthy. To say Assange has been offered consular assistance does not answer her. David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib received similarly worthless consular access. 

Women who discovered the world

10 February 2011 | Eleanor Massey

Jessica Watson, True SpiritAdventure and travel writing has long been a male domain. Sports and media guru Peter FitzSimons advises young men to broaden their experience, find their voice, and 'push through the hard yakka'. He says this advice is not for young women. 

Shit doesn’t just happen

09 February 2011 | Andrew Hamilton

While it is refreshing to hear politicians speak in unguarded colloquial language from time to time, any human misfortune is demeaned if we believe it is a sufficient explanation to say, as Tony Abbott said of the death of a soldier serving in Afghanistan, 'shit happens'.

Coke selling sexism

18 January 2011 | Ronnie Scott

Diet Coke Love It Light girlsIt scratches a weird, deep itch when we're made to want to buy something in a way that feels intelligent and fresh. Coke manages to scratch that itch frequently. But the new Diet Coke ads feel lazy, cheap, sexist, and patronising.

Best of 2010: The dignity of Carl Williams

05 January 2011 | Andrew Hamilton

Carl WilliamsWhen celebrities who have treated people violently suffer themselves from violence, their suffering is approved because it is an expected part of the plot. The death of Carl Williams has been covered as if it were an episode of Underbelly. Williams deserves better than this.

Losing Mikayla

16 December 2010 | TIm Kroenert

Andrew and Mikayla FrancisThe mainstream media dons a benevolent face. 3AW talkback radio, The Herald Sun, Channels Nine and 7 News carry Mikayla into Melbournians' homes. It's easy to be cynical about their motives. In an ideal world every sick child would be noticed in this way.

Oprah and WikiLeaks

10 December 2010 | Andrew Hamilton

Oprah WinfreyWinfrey's style is confessional in therapeutic mode. Wikileaks is confessional in a heroic mode. Winfrey will be feted in Australia, while Julian Assange's enterprise will, one way or another, be brought to an end. The grace he offers is not cheap enough. 

Raising Julian Assange

09 December 2010 | Lyn Bender

Anwar IbrahimWho is this Assange? Is he a messianic hero, larrikin, renegade, terrorist, or just a very naughty boy? As a psychologist my interest lies in history, as this is frequently re-enacted in our lives. And Julian Assange had a very unusual childhood.

Julian Assange's problem for feminists

09 December 2010 | Ruby Hamad

FeminismJulian Assange claims to be fighting for freedom of speech and government transparency — ideals that feminists also hold dear. But Assange has been arrested on rape charges and many feminists will find it hard to reconcile their defence of him with their support of rape victims.

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