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More than one way to cool a baked couch potato

20 January 2010 | Paul Mitchell
Air conditioners are necessary when the weather gets very hot, not leastof all for the wellbeing of babies, the sick, elderly and frail. But sometimes it seems that we Australians can't tell a cool change from climate change.

Best of 2009: If Facebook died

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12 January 2010 | Drew Taylor
FaceBookAustralian online and wireless games constitute a rapidly-growing, billion-dollar industry, and sites such as Facebook increasingly dominate our social networks. Have we taken the first step towards 'trusting the computer' too much? October 2009

Best of 2009: Why green Catholics are not communists

08 January 2010 | Neil Ormerod
Many conservative Catholics are sceptical about global warming. For them environmentalism is the new communism. This echoes the paranoia of the '50s and '60s are clear, when anyone with an interest in social justice was suspect. September 2009

Best of 2009: Sexy vegetarianism could save the world

06 January 2010 | Sarah McKenzie

Vegetarians are still seen as antagonistic and self-centred, as if they'd made a selfish decision purely to sabotage dinner parties. Vegetarians have been too polite, and too careful not to offend carnivores, for too long. November 2009

The morality of population control

17 December 2009 | Paul Collins
It's hard not to sound misanthropic when discussing population. Conservatives accuse you of favouring abortion, contraception and sterilisation in developing countries. Progressives say you're a cultural imperialist diverting attention from social justice.

Climate update from 'Hopenhagen'

10 December 2009 | Sean McDonagh
Columban missionary priest and environmental activist Sean McDonagh reports from the climate convention in Copenhagen, where negotiators have been told to 'go very far and very fast' and turn Copenhagen into 'Hopenhagen'.

The silent narrative of trees

07 December 2009 | Thor Beowulf

Trees are recognised as powerful cosmological agents in many of the earth's myths, rituals and religious beliefs. A worldwide 'bell ringing for climate justice' on 13 December will signify a vocal, moral and spiritual re-engagement of churches with nature.

The perverse skills of climate change deniers

30 November 2009 | Charles Rue

Climate sceptics use proven lobbying techniques to confuse people and delay political action. That Cardinal George Pell allows himself to be aligned with them compromises the credibility of church mission to serve humanity.

'Depraved' videogames get serious

25 November 2009 | Drew Taylor
The media has labelled them 'murder simulators', linked them to depression and held them accountable for childhood obesity. But there's another side to videogames that the mainstream media doesn't seem to want you to know about.

Stressed islands no longer pacific

24 November 2009 | Maryanne Loughry
Visiting Kiribati and Tuvalu it is obvious that both populations are dealing with overcrowding, unemployment, poverty, pollution, and modernisation. Climate change is a driver for some of these stressors as well as a multiplier of their effects.

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