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The silent narrative of trees

07 December 2009 | Thor Beowulf

Trees are recognised as powerful cosmological agents in many of the earth's myths, rituals and religious beliefs. A worldwide 'bell ringing for climate justice' on 13 December will signify a vocal, moral and spiritual re-engagement of churches with nature.

The perverse skills of climate change deniers

30 November 2009 | Charles Rue

Climate sceptics use proven lobbying techniques to confuse people and delay political action. That Cardinal George Pell allows himself to be aligned with them compromises the credibility of church mission to serve humanity.

'Depraved' videogames get serious

25 November 2009 | Drew Taylor
The media has labelled them 'murder simulators', linked them to depression and held them accountable for childhood obesity. But there's another side to videogames that the mainstream media doesn't seem to want you to know about.

Stressed islands no longer pacific

24 November 2009 | Maryanne Loughry
Visiting Kiribati and Tuvalu it is obvious that both populations are dealing with overcrowding, unemployment, poverty, pollution, and modernisation. Climate change is a driver for some of these stressors as well as a multiplier of their effects.

Michelangelo and my kids will haunt me

23 November 2009 | Bronwyn Lay
CopenhagenAs Copenhagen looms on the horizon like a giant apocalyptic festival, Ican’t get Michelangelo and my kids out of my mind. The image of the Pietá, the mother holding her dead son, keeps appearing.

Climate conversion on the Camino road

16 November 2009 | Tony Kevin
CaminoMy conversion moment came while walking along a busy interstate highway in Spain, crowded with trucks that were passing me every second, blowing me off my feet and filling my lungs with their exhaust gases. I knew then that we cannot go on like this.

Sexy vegetarianism could save the world

09 November 2009 | Sarah McKenzie

Vegetarians are still seen as antagonistic and self-centred, as if they'd made a selfish decision purely to sabotage dinner parties. Vegetarians have been too polite, and too careful not to offend carnivores, for too long.

Time to start worrying about fish

29 October 2009 | Sarah Burnside

Australia's decision to reduce its intake of the endangered southern bluefin tuna has outraged the industry. The global fishing industry is unsustainable, and fishing is second only to climate change as the greatest environmental threat to marine ecosystems.

It takes more than hope to save the world

28 October 2009 | Francis Keaney

Hopenhagen My 'Hopenhagen citizenship' was easy to obtain, but what would it get me? Was I entitled to vote or apply for social benefits? Could I move there for the summer? It didn't take long before the penny dropped. This place was not so much a city-state as a state of mind.

Dark day for solar

28 October 2009 | Greg Foyster
This Friday, proponents of clean renewable energy will gather to try to rally government support for Solar Systems, Australia's world-leading developer of solar energy technology, which went into receivership in September. They face an uphill battle.

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