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Bushfire blame misses the point

04 August 2010 | Paul Collins

Sadly the Commission played the blame game. This happens after every major fire and originates in the need to find scapegoats. Neither Christine Nixon nor the others who copped the blame could have known they were dealing with a whole new era of firestorm.

Taking science back from the scientists

20 July 2010 | T. J. Martin
I believed it was not right to manufacture human embryos for research, but I decided to use scientific arguments against this. In fact that made the task easier. It was truly astonishing to see how regularly very bad science was presented publicly by scientists who wanted to do such work.

How to survive the next five billion years

09 July 2010 | Jeffrey Nicholls
Every year we mine about a billion tonnes of iron ore. If we keep this up for five billion years, we will have dug up the whole earth to a depth of about 10 km. Here is a guide to how human existence might continue until the sun dies.

Reviving climate hope

21 June 2010 | Tony Kevin

The new Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres is well qualified to help heal the wounds of Copenhagen. If the West can learn the lessons of those failed talks and move forward with modesty, flexibility and sensitivity, we may hope for progress.

Organic carrots and grocery store ethics

09 June 2010 | Alison Sampson
Organic carrotsPeople in my own city are hungry, people across the world are starving, yet here I am buying local organic olive oil, ten times the price of a good oil from Crete. The first time I tasted an organic carrot, I realised that every other carrot I had ever eaten was a mere shadow. 

Bushfire commission's climate denial

28 May 2010 | Tony Kevin
The Black Saturday Royal Commission seems to be ignoring scientific evidence that climate change was a major causal factor. The possibility that Victoria's cool mountain ridges and valleys are drying out and that such ferocious fires are the way of the future might be a truth too much to bear.

Shame under Howard and Rudd

27 May 2010 | Tony Kevin
The Howard years made me feel ashamed to be Australian, and I felt about his electoral defeat the way East Germans felt about the Berlin Wall coming down: as a kind of cleansing. Rudd disappoints for a different reason.

Climate action after Rudd

04 May 2010 | Tony Kevin

Rudd is technically correct that the opposition parties stymied his CPRS bills, but the buck stops with his disappointing climate policy leadership. Upon the failure of Australian parliamentary politics, we need now to find the courage to support mass non-violent public action modelled on Vietnam War protest.

High-tech health in the bush

14 April 2010 | Ben O'Mara
New technology can improve health care for geographically remote and ethnically diverse Australians. But it won't make much difference unless these people know how to use the technology and are involved in its design and implementation.

Choosing the sex of your child

08 April 2010 | Kevin McGovern
The media has reported that Australia's ban on couples using IVF to choose the sex of their children might soon be lifted. Some of the supporters of sex selection for non-medical reasons are fertility doctors for whom there is a considerable financial incentive.

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