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Virgin's sexism in the sky

19 February 2012 | Catherine Marshall

Virgin air hostessesFor all the things Qantas stands accused of — selling out its Australian employees, uncompetitive pricing, bad management — it appears to be respectful of women. A ticket on a Virgin flight, on the other hand, brings with it the allure of sex, the commodity on which the company's brand has been built.

Shane Warne and News Limited's hostility cycle

15 February 2012 | Andrew Hamilton

Shane WarneAs a cyclist who shares the pavement with pedestrians and the road with cars, I am constantly struck by how common is the unkindness of strangers. The relations between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians mirror the qualities I see as characteristic of News Limited commentary.

Feminism, Greer and Tankard Reist

07 February 2012 | Lyn Bender

Big Porn, Melinda Tankard ReistGermaine Greer has said she did not want to be a high priestess of feminism. What may have been extracted from her views and the constant evolution of feminism has been diminished by being reduced to a formula such as that used to denounce Melinda Tankard Reist.

Our racist editors

06 February 2012 | Geoff Davies

Gillard and bodyguardThe misreporting of the Australia Day 'riot' is but one example of a growing nexus of hysteria, racism and ignorance in Australian media. It is time to rein in the increasing distortion of our social and political conversations, and require responsibility as well as freedom of speech.

Weighing Wikipedia

15 January 2012 | Philip Harvey

WikipediaSomedays it looks like the most extravagant love letter to the humanist project, other days like the biggest ragbag of unsorted intellectual capital. The sheer scale of information is truly amazing. But as a reference, the time has come for Wikipedia to up its game.

Best of 2011: Bolt beyond the pale

12 January 2012 | Binoy Kampmark

Dog muzzleThe Federal Court found that fair-skinned Aboriginal people were likely to have been 'offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated' by Bolt's articles. Bolt lamented the passing of free speech in Australia. But free speech cuts both ways, and no freedom is absolute. Published 29 September 2011

Best of 2011: Consumers rule in Murdoch's evil empire

10 January 2012 | Catherine Marshall

The public was quick to claim ignorance and condemn the theft of private information by News of the World. But ignorance is no longer an excuse, especially in these post-Princess Diana years where the role of the paparazzi, traitorous friends and dodgy journalists is well-known. Published 21 July 2011

Julian Assange's clear and present danger

14 December 2011 | Tony Kevin

Julian Assange, TimeIf Julian Assange is soon extradited from UK to Sweden, as now seems likely, he faces rendition to the US, and the prospect of a long prison sentence or even assassination. The Australian Government continues to do almost nothing to protect its besieged citizen. 

Germaine Greer and gay exploitation

27 November 2011 | Matthew Holloway

ManIt is commonly thought that men represent both the main producers and consumers of pornography. Germaine Greer points out that men are also its victims. In the case of gay porn, just because there is no woman involved doesn't mean that it is not exploitative.

Peter Roebuck's ordered passion for cricket

14 November 2011 | Andrew Hamilton

Peter RoebuckAs a cricket writer Roebuck appreciated that other things in life matter more than sport. But precisely because sport does not matter ultimately, he was freed to take it very seriously indeed.

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