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The feminist diet

07 June 2012 | Ellena Savage

Woman squeezing body fatSqueezing my own body fat in front of the mirror is a horrible, but familiar experience. Reflecting on the self-loathing involved makes me red with rage and embarrassment. I should be above that. Today's women are united more by their collective disgust of their bodies than they are by any other factor.

How to tame free speech extremists

04 June 2012 | John Wright

Unabomber global warming billboard'I still believe in global warming. Do you?' These words graced a Chicaco billboard above an image of 'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski. It was removed, not because it broke any law, but because it was deemed to have 'gone too far'. In a society that supports free speech, who decides how far is too far?' 

Bewailing Wikipedia's white male bias

12 April 2012 | Ellena Savage

Trayvon MartinNearly 90 per cent of Wikipedia's editors are men, the majority in their 20s. This is not Wikipedia's fault: it exists in a world that is already weighted towards the white male experience. The murder in Florida of African-American teen Trayvon Martin has catalysed criticism of the effects of white male privilege.

Elitism in online dictionaries

26 March 2012 | Philip Harvey

Oxford English DictionaryFree dictionaries on the internet are often bland and incomplete, while those that are complex and exhaustive require a credit card. Quality comes at a price, and this is an increasing educational issue. Rich institutions and individuals can pay for the words we all use, while others cannot, or just do not.

Eureka Street comes of age

14 March 2012 | Andrew Hamilton

Eureka Street coversThis year Eureka Street celebrates its 21st birthday as a small fish in the ever turbulent lake of global media. Like other print and online media it has had to adjust to its environment. It has had to negotiate the particular challenge of the polarisation of attitudes within the Church.

How Google is narrowing our minds

13 March 2012 | Edwina Byrne

GoogleGoogle's personalised search aims to supply us with content that reflects our interests. The problem is that, exposed only to the views of those like us, our position is reinforced and may tend to the extreme as we become unsympathetic to alternative perspectives.

Virgin's sexism in the sky

19 February 2012 | Catherine Marshall

Virgin air hostessesFor all the things Qantas stands accused of — selling out its Australian employees, uncompetitive pricing, bad management — it appears to be respectful of women. A ticket on a Virgin flight, on the other hand, brings with it the allure of sex, the commodity on which the company's brand has been built.

Shane Warne and News Limited's hostility cycle

15 February 2012 | Andrew Hamilton

Shane WarneAs a cyclist who shares the pavement with pedestrians and the road with cars, I am constantly struck by how common is the unkindness of strangers. The relations between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians mirror the qualities I see as characteristic of News Limited commentary.

Feminism, Greer and Tankard Reist

07 February 2012 | Lyn Bender

Big Porn, Melinda Tankard ReistGermaine Greer has said she did not want to be a high priestess of feminism. What may have been extracted from her views and the constant evolution of feminism has been diminished by being reduced to a formula such as that used to denounce Melinda Tankard Reist.

Our racist editors

06 February 2012 | Geoff Davies

Gillard and bodyguardThe misreporting of the Australia Day 'riot' is but one example of a growing nexus of hysteria, racism and ignorance in Australian media. It is time to rein in the increasing distortion of our social and political conversations, and require responsibility as well as freedom of speech.

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