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Jesuit Communications 2016 Christmas Raffle Terms and Conditions

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Staff |  19 September 2016

1. The permit holder for this raffle under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 is The Society of Jesus in Victoria, Permit No. 10662/16 issued 23 August 2016. Maximum number of tickets: 40,000.

2. Tickets: $5.00 each. Tickets purchased from the trybooking.com website (www.trybooking.com/229136) price includes credit card charges and trybooking fees. Only full books of tickets (multiple of 5 tickets) can be purchased through trybooking.com website.

3. Single raffle tickets can be purchased directly from Jesuit Communications (Ph 1300 72 88 46).

4. Tickets purchased online are issued in the name of the purchaser only.

5. The prizes are: 

     1st Prize: $7500 Visa gift card
     2nd Prize: $2500 Visa gift card
     3rd Prize: $1000 Visa gift card
     4th Prize: $500 Visa gift card

6. The raffle will be drawn on Thursday 8 December 2016 at 11.00 a.m. at Jesuit Communications Australia, 20 The Vaucluse, Richmond, Vic. 3121.

7. The results will be published on Eureka Street website (www.eurekastreet.com.au) and Madonna website (www.madonnamagazine.com.au) on Friday 9 December 2016. Winners will be notified directly.

8. Tickets are not refundable.

9. A receipt is issued at the completion of the payment process, paper tickets are not issued for purchase of tickets online through trybooking.com

10. Raffle is open to Australian residents only.

11. By purchasing tickets in this raffle you acknowledge that you have read and accept these terms and conditions.

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what a pity I live in NZ and cannot buy a ticket. Thank you for your site Kath

kath osullivan 22 June 2015